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Not sure what you are curious about.

Alcohol is a habituating substance

Habituation that is emotional and/or physiological based is addiction

Addiction is Mental-Emotional-Physical Slavery

Liberty and Liberation require practice and meditation.

Liberty is not habituating -- it must be practiced and re-practiced all the time.

Liberty is perpetual effort (like exercise)

Liberty is the opposite of Addiction

Liberty is Freedom -- The opposite of slavery

To live free of a thing we must perpetually ward it off.

This is why AA members say "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I'm an alcoholic" -- even though they quit; because "liberty" from alcoholism requires perpetual warding off.

If you enslave others you enslave your self.

A slave owner has a double addiction; one to power and the other to substance.

Thus my exasperation over the continual harkening back mentality displayed by "liberty" proponents over the "wisdom" of inebriated slave owners and their thoughts on liberty. Hahahaha