Comment: Wow. There's a piece of work.

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Wow. There's a piece of work.

Not sure what the intent of posting this was, other than demonstrating some people have some pretty wild views on religion.

That said, because this guy, John Shelby Spong, comes off as a charlatan to me, I found this quote particularly amusing considering he makes a living off of doing and promoting exactly this:

"The idea that the truth of God can be bound by any human system, by any human creed, by any human book, is almost... beyond imagination."

Almost...but that doesn't stop him from trying anyway. Not that I entirely disagree with that statement, but Amazon does have Spong down for around 110 books averaging around $10-20 each, some as high as $96 . The books appear to try to capture God in Spong's own human system, creed and understanding with occasional heavily interpreted help from the Bible.His website also lets you subscribe to his newsletter "free!" for 1 whole month before the subscription fees kick in. Whether he keeps that money or donates it to charitable causes is beyond me. If he really believed in what he preaches I would imagine he'd keep almost none of it.

To each their own though. He sounds pretty terrible to me. If you want to believe or support this man financially or otherwise be my guest. History is strewn with opportunists who find their nitch by soothing itching ears. They make a killing off of telling people what they want to hear and don't mind bending or outright fabricating the truth to do it.