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Comment: LL, are you being . . .

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LL, are you being . . .

snarky? *wink*
You've never come across to me as that way.

(*said in good humor and with respect*)

By the way, what on earth (or this planet) does it say about me that LL and Octobox are two of the people on here I most enjoy seeing/reading?

I must be a contradiction, or that was friendly 'razzing'--and I missed it?

In all honesty, this is one of the nicest sites I've ever been on. I've seen more respect on here (though often there is teasing) than on most sites I have frequented, and I have frequented a few.

Octobox, I confess to addictions--not alcohol, but . . . chocolate.

Even though of us who love liberty are only human!


And, btw, I have a lot in commmon with both of you, though I won't say what; I haven't wanted to reveal that much about myself, though, inadvertently, I probably have. I know that privacy is an illusion in today's world.

I actually respect/regard the original constitution (though not the slavery parts)--

but it's been so ripped up by so many dirty hands in power that it's hard not to be dismayed and find it sadly humorous.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--