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Comment: Is there a difference between the intent

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Is there a difference between the intent

Is there a difference between the intent, implementation and enforcement of a law?

Many thing you've listed like moneyed Corporations being able to squash an individual is a failing of the court system.

Murray Rothbard said this about copyrights:

I think this is a good topic for discussion as the current system is clearly out of control and is not producing the desired results of protecting private property of individuals.

One should not be able to sell intellectual property rights protected by copyrights and patents. Inheritance is different.

A Corporation is a fiction, not and individual.

A Corporation that produces a movie or a song should be extremely limited say a decade,

If one takes advantage of a copyright or patent it should be done with the understanding that after a reasonable period of time the copyright becomes public domain as payback to the citizen's of the Republic for granting the monopoly.

Free includes debt-free!