Comment: Save Time & Money. NASA Goes w/ Stanley Kubrick Apollo Films

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Save Time & Money. NASA Goes w/ Stanley Kubrick Apollo Films

So, you want to travel? Great, please do. Your silver dime, please!

For my silver dime, my friend & I go see what others imagine on the Silver Screen. Yes, sir 'ey. Apollo sent several men to the moon w/ Kubrick's film crew. Filmed the whole lunar voyage. Then He mistakenly allowed the story to be told by lunatics.

Realizing his folly, he saved NASA payoffs.

"Space Odyssey, 2001"

1968, He took us beyond the moon:

Filming & editing much better. The script matches the film much better. Same film crew... Just got NASA out of the way. Filmed, scripted & edited on their own.

Used the funds you paid NASA... to pay Kubrick.

1969, Apollo finally, cut & spliced their way to the moon. Anti-climatic. Cost us $5 B to keep the Russians quiet.

All was not lost. We did get film coverage of the "USS Kittyhawk" at sea. That reminded me of another aeronautical adventure with the Wright Brothers & their kite. I admire them.

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Jun 6, 2010 ... Do not trust NASA, Ink. Do not pass go. Kubrick made out like a bandit. Apollo taxpayer money paid him to fake the the lunar landing....
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NASA: The Wrong-Brothers were "Show-n-Tell" liars.

They could not stop on a dime. Buck couldn't stop either. They absconded a Kittyhawk full.

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