Comment: "Basic Scientists" are a bunch of liars.

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"Basic Scientists" are a bunch of liars.

READ Hoagland's evidence. Hoagland showed Mars Tidal models A DECADE before NASA admitted them. Read "Moon With a View" about an artificial satellite orbiting around Saturn. Hoagland reported "solar system climate change" five years before NASA.

Watching a recent Science Channel program, "Mars Rising," I see that our idiot government is still tinkering with chemical rockets for Mars. One group of scientists, at least, were experimenting while "nuclear pulse" engines, that STILL exhaust fuel for thrust. This technique was originally proposed to the public in the first "modern" science fiction films, DESTINATION MOON and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE 60 years ago(!) Even nuclear propulsion of this sort provides only a puny 2:1 advantage above conventional fuels. I contacted Science Channel and asked, "Why aren't NASA scientists going ahead full steam with "inpulse engines," which use nuclear power to generate electromagnetic or electrostatic force, and are capable of propelling a vehicle to Mars in days, or even hours?"
After all this proposed technology was introduced to the public almost 45 years ago in STAR TREK.

I'll tell you why. The longer it takes for them to develop real solutions, they longer they spend OUR money.

It's time to "clean house" at NASA and among our scientific community.