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Comment: I love the DP, however, I do

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I love the DP, however, I do

I love the DP, however, I do not believe the DP is the best way to go about introducing Ron Paul to family, friends, etc. IMO, the DP is more for loyal supporters of Ron Paul who already have quite a bit of knowledge and are open to learning a lot more. You might refer your friends & family to the DP only after they learn about Ron Paul and become RP supporters.

One thing to consider is that people read a lot differently online than they do offline, unless they are very interested in the information. What you get online is people skimming through articles rather than reading them thoroughly. Add that to a lot of other info on the site and information overload begins to become an issue as well.

I think a great 5-10 minute video is the best way to introduce people to Ron Paul. Something like the Ron Paul: A New Hope video or even * The best kept secret by the media is.... RON PAUL. The Ron Paul "The High Tide" Campaign For Liberty video is another good one.

There may even be more up to date videos which are much better to use for this purpose.

Something else you might do is buy a few copies of Ron Paul's book "The Revolution" and give it away to those who you are trying to expose to RP.

When trying to convert others who you know, one thing to do is learn what is important to them politically then show them Ron Paul's solutions to those issues. Some people are strong followers of certain media personalities, Glenn Beck for example. In that case you can show them video of Glenn Beck saying on live TV that he is more Ron Paul than Sarah Palin (I can't seem to find that video link so if anyone else has it please post it in reply, thanks).

Just some ideas for ya...