Comment: Certainly, you're not the only one

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Certainly, you're not the only one

who recognizes these things, or thinks about them.

The Bible is full of this concept.
It's what the geneologies, which sometimes people call "the begats" are about. Large parts of the Bible that everybody skips over, because nobody sees any significance in it.
Look, Genesis 5 starts out with "This is the book of the generations of Adam". If there was nobody besides Adam, and everyone on earth was spawned by him, who else would the "generations" be coming from? Hmm?
DNA is what the flood was about. Corruption of the DNA by "nephalim", fallen angels that intermingled with the daughters of men. Clear as day.
Noah was "perfect in his generations". That's genetics.
Throughout the old testament, there were consistent admonitions to not intermingle and intermarry with "other tribes".
The prophesy of the 144,000 true Israelite descendants still being alive at the end-time of the 2nd coming, which HAS to be DNA-based in order for them to be here.
The whole Bible is extremely based in heredity and geneology/bloodlines.
It's really what the whole book is about.

Many people today hate the Bible because it is "racist", "exclusive", "discriminatory", "not politically correct", etc.
And ya know what? That's exactly what it is supposed to be.
And it describes similar concepts to what you describe, except it has a particular "train station" at some point were you "get on the train to your eternal destination".

God says,"Before I formed you in the womb,I knew you".
Did people in 3-4000 BC know about DNA? I don't know, but somebody referenced it right there.

The entire book is DNA-driven in concept.
The Bible supports your idea completely.
And so, it would also be consistent with your idea that Satan would be engaged in destroying this DNA, wouldn't it? And being obsessed with learning the DNA codes and modifying it, just like we see happening.
Oh yeah!

When you really know the Bible, it reads like front-page news, right now, today.
And that's because it IS.