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I tried

I have my opinion of what the Bible is, and "Holy" is not it. I read that chapter, but I do not accept the "Scorekeeper in the sky" concept of a deity. I will use myself again as an example, I am not so ashamed of my mistakes that I pretend I did not make them. Years ago I had an affair, for which the "god" who loves me will apparently roast me to eternity. (To be clear, I am not going to go beg and grovel for his forgiveness. I did not fool around on him or break a promise to him.) My husband proved that he is more loving and better at forgiving than god, we are still happily married. How can a mere mortal man be MORE loving than a god? I believe logic dictates that the description of god is faulty. There was a time when humanity was childlike, and needed simple, black and white stories to try to understand the world around them. Locking ourselves to the descriptions used thousands of years ago is not beneficial to true understanding.
If you believe the righteous child will not suffer for the sins of the father, please explain that to the babies born with AIDS or DU birth defects, etc. If the father's DNA is altered soon enough, there will be no child. If there is a deformed child, it will be unlikely to procreate.
For all my "blasphemy" I want to give you kudos for not taking your lord's name in vain. "Jesus" was someone's name, I am sure. I am just not sure WHO had that name, nor who all these Jesus lovers are praying to. There is a guy at the orchard named Jesus, but he never even answers his cell phone, I don't think he will "hear my prayers."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.