Comment: I disagree with a premise

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I disagree with a premise

If I had a funny collar and claimed I talked to god I could get people to pass the has and give me money to split with god. If I took their money and then told those people "YOU can talk to god without paying me" they would say I was nuts and want their money back. If I did not take their money and told them they could talk to god they would say I am nuts and probably evil. If I took their money and told them THEY were evil and only I could talk to god... we would be your typical church...

I go to a church and give money. Its not because I think I'll go to hell if I don't go, or if I don't give its because I learn there. It is a spiritual experience. Our church has helped food shelves, Haiti earthquake victims, has built houses, sent aid and volunteers to Katrina victims, etc...

Yeah I have a whole lot of problems with organized religion too but to group all churches and church-goers like that I don't think is correct. Unless I am reading this wrong.