Comment: this overwhelms me . . .

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this overwhelms me . . .

and amazes me.

And impresses me.



*I* have worked so hard on organic gardening. I compost; I chop everything up. I keep a rain barrel, so that I can water with rain water.

I haul manure for the garden; I use no chemicals.

I weed and mulch and baby all my plants--

and my output is very low. I am quite discouraged this year. I have been gardening for decades. I know that my garden area is not ideal; my soil is not bad, but there are trees nearby about which I can do nothing (neighboring trees)--

My fruit trees, with the exception of one apple tree and a cherry tree last year, have not produced well either.

I do EVERYthing; I work so hard that I am nearly sick of it--

but I am glad it works for someone.

Local market gardeners get my poor, hoarded pennies for produce.


Everyone has a bad garden season, right? How about 10 of them?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--