Comment: The world is such a COMPLICATED place, isn't it?

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The world is such a COMPLICATED place, isn't it?

...let's see...

The Declaration of Independence says "all men are created EQUAL" - no denominational loyalty in that ...

It also says "all men are endowed by their CREATOR"; singular...

MOST Americans still think Jesus is that Creator so named; how they choose to "worship" Him, that's a PRIVATE MATTER.

MOST Americans who DO NOT think Jesus is the Creator, still believe in a Supreme Being who is GOOD - and - BIGGER, and more moral than government.

Let's see if these TWO CAMPS, a.k.a. MAJORITY OPINION, can agree with Jesus on just (3) things I believe He said...

(1) - You cannot worship God & MONEY; meaning, you cannot serve TWO MASTERS.

(2) - You will KNOW THEM by their fruits; meaning, in one context, whether they are serving God or serving MONEY

(3) - We are to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind - this is the GREATEST commandment; the 2nd is like unto it - love thy NEIGHBOR as thyself(because your neighbor is your human EQUAL); meaning, you will KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS.

How hard it must be to NOT understand the Divide and Conquer GAME ... ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL ... if your human equal is bent on harming you; in any way, shape, or form - they are not treating you as they would like to be treated - so, SHAME THEM PUBLICLY for it ...

Seriously, there must be MORE OF US than there is of THEM - why the hell are we LOSING our nation to "bad persons", both foreign and domestic, who OPENLY disobey the Creator? ... Perhaps it is because we WASTE OUR TIME on these trivialities, like Jake Towne said; referring to our human equals by using politically & religiously charged NOUNS to describe them collectively, rather than by their INDIVIDUAL NAMES.

MOVE ON ALREADY - Zionism, a grand Zionist agenda, and our entangling alliance with Israel(and how they treat their neighbors) is a horse that has now been beaten into powder already(guilty as charged for ever being baited into commenting on it!); and I think our founders would agree, no longer the particular business of this country in such economic, political, and social turmoil at present.

All we need to be concerned with is just throwing the bums out already at the ballot box ... we already KNOW them by their fruits ... their 'associations' and 'loyalties' are OBVIOUS via their legislative records and special interest monies!

Each individual American is either in this for America and our posterity, or, they are in it for themselves - the bottom line is EVERY last soul on this planet will give an account to ONE Creator for their CHOICES in this has become obvious in recent years that America has ALLOWED politicians to give away the is now a matter of whether or not they too can be as easily 'bought off' with promises of 'easy money' the choice is the SAME as it has ever been...serve God, or serve MONEY...irrespective of what 'religion' you are!