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Iowa Censorship

This msg. pertains to Ron Paul's exclusion from the June 30th Presidential Candidates Forum in Iowa.

Half of the main sponsor of this debate is the Iowa Christian Alliance. They have invited Rudy Giuliani who:

1. coddles the gay rights movement (I could care less),
2. is pro-choice and
3. is a thrice-married serial adulterer just like his wife.

Ron Paul thinks that the federal government has no business being involved in either of the first two issues (leave it to the States to decide). I think that he and Mitt Romney may be the only GOP candidates who are not divorced. Divorced Fred Thompson has a nice trophy wife decades younger than him.

Okay, here's what to do:

1. Call ALL of the sponsors and flood them with faxes:

a) Iowa Christian Alliance - Steve Sheffler, tel. 515-225-1515, fax 515-225-1826, Who else did they not invite?

b) Iowans for Tax Relief - Edward Failor EVP or Katie Koberg PR, tel. 563-288-3600, 515-875-4936, 877-913-3600, fax 563-264-2413, Who else did they not invite? Oh, so Failor is a McCain guy and that makes it okay?

c) Coldwell Banker Mid America Group (Realtors) - Jim Gillespie, President / CEO (Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp), could not locate tel. no. Who else did they not invite?

d) (Americans for Fair Taxation, Houston, TX) - Ken Hoagland, National Communications Director, tel. 713-963-9023 and 800-324-7829, and, fax 713-963-8403. See their May 22, '07 article critical of Rudy titled "Mr. Giuliani gets it wrong" at Dr. Paul does not support their "Fair Tax" legislation because he wants to eliminate the income tax, but I'm guessing that they might like him for that stand. Who else did they not invite?

e) Krishna Engineering Consultants, Inc. - tel. 515-224-6300, fax 515-224-0000. Who else did they not invite?

f) Light Expressions by Shaw - tel. 563-323-3611, fax 563-323-3830, Who else did they not invite?

2. Flood the Des Moines Register with calls and faxes - Contact: Carolyn Washburn, Editor, tel. 515) 284-8502, and David Yepsen, state and national political writer - use same tel. no. as Washburn. Who else did they not invite?

3. Buy big ads in the Des Moines Register to tell it like it is. Pony up pledges with name, address, tel. no., email address and pledge amount to the Ron Paul 2008 people c/o Joe Seehusen, Iowa Coordinator, tel. 703-248-9115. This msg. is being copied to other Ron Paul related websites to get maximum contributions. We should be able to buy a big-ass ad every day until the debate. They probably won't let him in, but let's let Iowans know what's going on here - a group trying to squelch democracy.

4. The Hy-Vee Hall (Des Moines debate location) is part of the Iowa Events Center. It is managed by Global Spectrum, a Comcast Spectacor (Phila.) subsidiary. Contact Hy-Vee: tel. 515-267-2800. Contact Global Spectrum: Todd Glickman, tel. (215) 389-9587, Fax: (215) 952-5651, Contact Iowa Events Center: Matt Homan General Manager, tel. 515-564-8018, CALL, email and fax all of them to complain.

5. The Iowa Christian Alliance's list of questions to ask the debating candidates was compiled by the Phyllis Schafly's Eagle Forum (EF) The Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper's Joe Murray on 6/13/07 quoted the EF's Ex. Director Jessica Echard in an article on immigration. I am going to ask the Bulletin to interview Echard to ask why Ron Paul IS not invited. Tel. 618-462-5415, fax 618-462-8909, Dr. Paul's votes in the 109th Congress conformed with EF's positions 81.8%. Note that EF endorsed a yes vote on the Real ID Act - which Dr. Paul voted against.

6. Call Iowa Gov. Chet Culver(Dem). He is for withdrawing from Iraq and media has reported his dissatisfaction with the GOP and Dem candidates who don't have an exit plan. Tell him that this sort of political garbage belongs in New York (or Philadelphia - look at our casinos) but that it doesn't fit Iowa's reputation for honesty and fair play. Tel. 515.281.5211.

7. Call the NY Times, Phila. Inquirer, Kansas City whatever, Denver Post, St. Louis Dispatch and Chicago Tribune. This is a story worthy of their interest if only because Edw. Failor's connection to McCain is a dirty piece of laundry.

I am a native Iowan and this crap stinks.