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Comment: Hard to have a soundbite when I typed. Typebite? :)

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Hard to have a soundbite when I typed. Typebite? :)

As you know, we are no longer in a D or R world. We are in an Establishment vs. Common Man world. People are waking up to that.

Speaker is not chosen by the Common Man, it is chosen by the Establishment. Ron Paul is a leader of the Common Man. The Establishment hate Ron Paul. They will do whatever it takes to tear him and our Revolution down. Democrats and Republicans in the House are all Establishment. They will in no way select Dr. Paul. They would be unable to carryout the Establishment's agenda. They (Establishment) will select someone to perpetuate the false R/L paradigm.

Second, if by some miracle Dr. Paul was selected (not elected), he would be locked into an "establishment" position which would make it more difficult for him to run as President which is where he is desperately needed to fuel the Revolution. It would be detrimental.

Columbus, Ohio