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you've clearly got an axe to grind--

so which middle eastern state is Sweden repressing?


Yes, indeed, it is WRONG that some Europeans have sent miitary personnel to Iraq, etc.--

very wrong; it is thanks, perhaps, to NATO, which is also wrong.

And, yes, many of the European countries are also anti-Muslim.

But, as I see it, there is something thick and conniving going on between America and Israel; the others are small players.

Sweden and Denmark SAVED Jews, by the way--

so . . .

I guess I don't see the connection there, but as far as England is concerned, I have no doubt they are in it up to their necks, but they did it to serve the interests of those who wanted to take over Palestine.

I will agree not to use the "Z" word when the Jews Against Zionism stop using it.

They have a pretty clear idea of what is happening.

And it DOES concern them.

If I knew about a place that was being directly repressed by Norway or Finland or Sweden or Denmark or Switzerland or even Germany and France--

then I would be pretty upset with them, too.

I DO know of places that are being directly repressed by America and Israel. It's right there, to be seen.

Sad that Europe has supported America in repressing Iraq and other middle eastern states.

And, by the way, Zion is not a term that is used exclusively by Jews; there are Christians who feel very passionate about it. It is a religious war-cry to some--and that is enough reason to be wary of it.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--