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Comment: I respectfully disagree.

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I respectfully disagree.

There are thousands of these men all throughout our country. Probably many of them on the DP. He has been blessed. I will give you that.

You originally stated that Dr. Paul needs more "hard accomplishments" to hope to be elected president, and I disagreed. If that were the case, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi could be fit for Presidential runs.

I don't think he needs 6 months of Speaker before running for President. Let us not forget, Dr. Paul is a very fit but elderly man. I could physically see the toll that the last run for president took on him. A run for Speaker would be another load that I don't think he would want, especially prior to running for Pres. I think, and I of course am speculating, but I think Dr. Paul wants one last huge hoorah in a 2012 run for Pres.

I think you and I are arguing two separate arguments, I could be wrong. You are saying, Dr. Paul as Speaker would be great for our country. And I agree.

I am arguing that there are practicalities that will not allow that to happen, as well as, it being a hindrance on his pres run. What do you think?

Columbus, Ohio