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Plus he needs us, he can't do it alone.

HR-1207 was a huge success from the standpoint of the people having their wishes heard.

How many cosigners hoped they could earn points on election day, even if they didn't support a full audit in the final bill. How many Congressmen will be replaced next Tuesday?

Is it that easy to fool the people? Perhaps if we keep silent.

Instead Congress simply borrowed more money from an organization of questionable resources. Are we trying to build a sound economy on a faulty and failing Central Bank? Congress doesn't know and many seemed afraid to find out if the Federal Reserve is financially sound. The toxic assets are just the tip of a mountain of shenanigans.

I suppose if we held gold and silver as individuals or saw that there was gold or silver or equivalent backing of the Federal Reserve Notes we use there could be cause for hope.

Instead every dollar in the money supply is borrowed and it costs almost a nickel a year a piece in interest to use them. Plus inflation of the money supply is causing the value of each dollar to shrink.

The Incredible shrinking American Dollar brought to you by the Federal Reserve. In the year before the creation of the Federal Reserve, Twenty Dollars bought one ounce of gold and a Silver Dollar bought:
-dozen eggs
-gallon of milk
-1 pound of steak,
-6 pounds of flour
-10 pounds of potatoes
-10 gallons of kerosene

100 years earlier a silver Dollar bought half that much. This kind of deflation in prices is healthy as was the first 100 years of the American economy.

Today the Silver in that Silver Dollar will buy $18 in Federal Reserve notes [FRN]. A one dollar FRN won't even buy a dozen eggs.

Even more inflation is on the way. What has Congress done to our money?

Ron Paul as Speaker would help us sort they difficulties out.

Free includes debt-free!