Comment: mis-direction -- it's all a conspiracy!

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mis-direction -- it's all a conspiracy!

The only nefarious deed that a large group of people are up to is selfishness and maintaining the status quo. Nothing else. Those up to nefarious deeds are a small group of people, influencing large groups.

However, the so-called elite few at the top of the pyramid, running these groups (in my opinion) are truly enlightened and all the FEAR about a NEW WORLD ORDER is a complete HOAX.

Of course the governments of Israel and America commit atrocities all the time, like all countries, but these crimes against humanity are due to FEAR in the HEARTS of MAN (the Sutan/Satan in Hebrew) not some evil group per se.

As for the people who act like anti-semites, I doubt they are employed by anyone but their own tortured minds. Never underestimate the millions of people out there lost in a sea of fear.