Comment: Diabolical Disinformation

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Diabolical Disinformation

check this out, it proves that high up CIA agents are involved in dis-information on the Internet. check out RP (PELICAN) former CIA Deputy Director for the Division of Science and Technology, former ODNI-DIA-MASINT committee, current assignment unknown, member JASON Group/MITRE.

The Black Lodge of Aviarian Adepti - Dark Disciples of Diabolical Disinformation

An important link in the communication chain between the civilian population and the intelligence community in regards to UFO matters is what has become known as the Aviary.

This is the final link next to the public network, and so it must be heavily disguised by its own surrealistic smoke screen.

The Aviary functions best by amplifying people's own misconceptions about the paranormal.

It does this by helping to overinflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that particular investigators get pushed further into their own blind alleys.