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Sticks And Stones ...

... But really, Jack, what's in a name?

As your almost clever post shows, a niggardly attention to hipersensitive rules of political correctness can chill worthwhile intercourse of ideas at times.

You wouldn't want to just intercourse with yourself, now would you?

Can we agree it would be rude to even suggest such a thing ( in subtle words or their components ) unless in response to a personal attack lodged by a distractor who is here just to cause trouble.

You and I might agree it would not be politic. But I think it would be correct in such instance to appreciate the context in which words are used.

For words to have meaning, and not just affect, one must be effective at discerning. In that regard, shouldn't we pay more attentionn to what someone is saying, and why ... and less how they say it ?