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Ways And Meaning …

The Hate Song Of Jack The Ripped --

Call me anything you like, Jack, just don’t call me any synonym of mean or hateful (not because I’m crushed by the tactic, but because it’s a dead give away, and that kind of slip ends up in your performance review. I’d hate to see you become an unemployment statistic. There is entertainment value in your antics; and it’s good exercise for our free speech liberty advocates.)

Speaking of ‘hate speech’, did I ever tell you I hate it when you speechify all righteous and all... correct and politic. One minute you are pretending to be the voice of all creed tolerance in an effort to suck up to superficial political constituencies, then you are looking to share drugs. The many faces you put forward reminds me of the narc that Fishy described on the reunion thread. You know – the guy who insinuated himself where he didn’t belong just to make trouble among those who were busy relating with each other. Hey ! Jack … you rascal you … was that you talking shame over on that ‘Legalize Pot’ thread … the video with that hot chick … It was – wasn’t it! It’s your scolding division politics MO … Oh you scoundrel …you’ve been stirring up trouble in a couple of places haven’t you … Was that you, or just a colleague, with the non sequitur –‘Anti-Semitism on Daily Paul?’, posted earlier today? … What’s that line about protesting too much ( … and methinks you doth protest an awful lot … especially when one takes count of the many, many facets of the disorder your multiple personalities attempt to foment. ).

As you know, Jack, since we've gone around on these issues of sanitized communication before, I am not in favor of gratuitously insulting vituperative remarks; but there is a specter more menacing to constructive dialogue – And that is -- censored … even self censored, open inquiry cowed into orthodoxy by political correctness demanding flinching conformity to oppressive dogma.

You are a bit of a distraction; but since loaded words and disinfo gimmicks is sort of the theme of this thread, your semantics are not ‘OFF TOPIC’. Carry on. Thanks for the illustrations.