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I think you may want to actually READ the supplied link, first.

IF you actually READ the link ( to the etymology of the derogatory term "kike," as supplied by "netzorro" you'd find that it WERE THE JEWS themselves whom coined it to ridicule the Jews of Russian/E.European Origin:

"According to Our Crowd, by Stephen Birmingham, the term "kike" was coined as a derogatory putdown by the assimilated American German Jews to identify Eastern-European Jews: "Because many Russian [Jewish] names ended in 'ki', they were called 'kikes'- a German Jewish contribution to the American vernacular. The name then proceeded to be co-opted by non-Jews as it gained prominence in its usage in society, and was later used as a demeaning Anti-Semitic slur."

THIS is WHY it is PRUDENT to actually hear the "opposition's" argument, even if on the surface you don't like it, especially IF you actually want to "win" the argument via an apropos rebuttal.

you know, it's actually no different than an American from New York RIDICULING a Southerner as "ignorant-redneck, whitetrash, trailer-trash, a hick," blah, blah, blah, etc. what makes you think any of those terms are any less offensive than a Jew calling another Jew as a "kike"?? precisely because NO ONE in the MSM "tells you" to equate calling Southerners as "Neo-Confederates," "rednecks, trailer-trash, whitetrash," as a BAD THING. But you do hear ALL the time, NOT to call Jews, ___, whatever that maybe.

THAT's all the poster wanted you to know.

apparently, you had the same knee-jerk reaction typical of what any neocon zionist propagandists would have, ie. mainly their go-to toolbox of calling the rest of FREE THINKERS as "ENEMIES of Israel" this, and ENEMIES of Israel that.

what other "people" do you know that gets called that? Do the French have a need to call the rest of us "ENEMIES of France" when someone says something that they find offensive, or a constructive criticism of their foreign policy, or a policy of occupation? Oh wait, the French kinda stopped the whole colonial thing, at least visibly. never mind.

the mere fact that "grown adults" would need to fall back to kindergarten-playground level name calling is pretty telling that it's done so, to AVOID any nuanced discussion of Israel's murderous occupation and apartheidist POLICE STATE policies against their OWN SEMITIC Palestinian brethren, as well as their OWN Citizenry, not to mention PROPAGANDIZING here in OUR REPUBLIC, via the likes of their own MSM, AIPAC, SPLC, and ADL fearmongering.

aren't you glad, now that you can count yourself among such fine upstanding organization as the IOF, Mossad, AIPAC, SPLC, PNAC, and ADL, whether by intent or inadvertence, for falling into the same knee-jerk reaction, of all things, to simple words that prompt a Pavlovian canine response?

whuff, whuff

P.S. the mere fact that you'd call on the poster to be "removed" because you personally felt offended by it, is PRECISELY what the still False L vs.R Paradigm-stuck liberals AND FAKE,RINO-"conservatives" resort to. It's no different than a child who cannot stand up on his own so he calls on his daddy to beat up the kid that made fun of you, for it. pretty revealing actually. I know you're better than that.

IF you're on DP forum, you should be able to rebut other's positions, without asking Mike or the Mods for him/her to be "REMOVED" for your personal pleasure.

THIS is precisely how people STOP talking to each other, and fall into the partisan trap of painting an individual with a label one wants to vilify, and communicate to the rest, as if to say "if I call him/her with this term, ie. 'anti-semite' that's a code word for ya'll to avoid him/her like the plague."

I'd highly recommend that you internalize and look deeply into the origin of your own subconscious autonomic response; WHY do you feel the need to BAN someone from speaking or thinking in such apparent factual reality? again, the derogatory term, as it IS coined as a derogatory term, BY the JEWS THEMSELVES, is netzorro's whole point.

what is SO WRONG about simply pointing out this fact?