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I think you just made the point for the rest of "us,"

"As far as you enjoying that Ron Paul's name and followers are associated with hate speech, eat it. Under your argument, it's ok to label groups and use derogatory attacks against people you don't like just because of freedom of speech."

and you just labeled the rest of "us" as bigots, as IF, for using "Ron Paul's name" as some type of cover, to merely discuss the ACTUAL ORIGIN of the term, which apparently you've still NOT READ. as IF you ACTUALLY clicked on the Wiki link, you'd understand that it was a term coined by the Jews themselves to ridicule OTHER JEWS of ethnic origin they themselves feel superior to.

POINTING OUT THIS HISTORICAL FACT does NOT impugn Ron Paul's good name, nor does it automatically make any grown adult who can talk about controversial issues, into a bigot.

this is no different than you calling ACLU neoNAZIS, for DEFENDING their 1st Amendment right. again, after all these yrs, how is it that people always FORGET the logic behind that, whenever if feels convenient to do so?

what is APPALLING is that you'd relegate to the same lazy propagandists' tactic of namecalling, without actually examining the underlying intent of the origin of the discussion.

LEARN to DISCERN the difference.