Comment: I would prefer anarchy to

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I would prefer anarchy to

I would prefer anarchy to loyalty oaths. I happen to believe that a lot of the tyranny you speak of originates outside of Americas borders. I did not speak of a loyalty oath to any GOVERMENT but to our country. How do you make the jump to collectivist from that? Do the individuals you speak of include dual citizens that have sworn an oath to another nation? I guess you believe in the new world order,No borders or sovereignty? Yes, our goverment is running amok bombing innocents all over the world. But for who's intrest? Since the Iraq invasion rhetoric started 6 hours after the 9-11 attack by Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearl and the rest of the Isreali citizen group that influences our nation I say it is for Isreal. Whether our nation keeps marching toward tyranny or decides to enbrace Liberty should be Americas decision not another foreign nation's. I am a simple man but calling me a Statist offends me.