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came across some fascinating info

about our moon. I don't know if it's true or not but I thought I'd pass it on to anyone interested. Relates to this thread, or at least compliments it.

Earth's Moon and Human Evolution
Dr. N Huntley, Ph.D.

It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Moon is not what it appears; that it is not just another satellite orbiting a planet, Earth, but an entity which has thrown the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and scientific brains into a quandary and bewilderment unprecedented in the history of astronomy...

The Moon Rang Like A Bell -Popular Science (Mar 1970)

The four pages in Popular Science Mar 1970 (p56, p57, p58 and p150) talking about how the moon rang like a bell for nearly an hour.

Penetration - The Moon Remotely Viewed by Ingo Swann.

This is an out-of-print book that I hear goes for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. Try searching it with "pdf" added. Excerpt from a (Wikipedia) bio on Ingo Swann:

Swann helped develop the process of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in experiments that caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. He is commonly credited with proposing the idea of Coordinate Remote Viewing, a process in which viewers would view a location given nothing but its geographical coordinates, which was developed and tested by Puthoff and Targ with CIA funding...

And finally there's a book i mentioned on another thread but I gave the wrong title. It's this book:

I can imagine people laughing at this info but consider this. We have been fooled over and over again because our perception of what is possible has been kept narrow (through education, media, accepted truths). So we couldn't believe governments would commit inside jobs. Or that the monetary system is a fraud. That we could be poisoned from vaccines, medications, the water supply, or from the sky. So now that we have discovered these things, can we really go back to the security of thinking we know all that is to know?

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