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Dr. Paul is well aware of the

Dr. Paul is well aware of the unending hunger this government has for tax revenues and the idea that this government will be satisfied with between 23% and 30% as recommended by Fair Tax proponents will never be adhered to by Congress.

Dr. Paul also might be concerned with the fact that there is nothing in the proposed Fair Tax legislation that would or could prevent Congress from instituting any other type of tax in the future, including an income tax. Congress cannot pass legislation which can be considered unalterable by future Congresses, so there are no promises or safeguards in such legislation unless a Constitutional Amendment is ratified. In other words, Dr. Paul is well aware of the character of the government and of the propensity of government to break all bargains it has ever promised to keep.

Dr. Paul is also well aware that taxation, while necessary to a degree, is nothing more than a potential drug to the government addict, it will always want more and will always find someway to get more, it will still be a system of both coercion and confiscation by government edict. Even the idea that it is fair is questionable due to the possible loopholes proposed due to government identified poverty levels.

The first step is to bind this government with the chains of the Constitution, then tax reform might be worth visiting, but until then there is no need for this government will continue deficit spending and its lapdog, the FED will, as we are now seeing with Quantitative Easing, provide it with an avenue for such spending. That is the purpose, after all of the FED, to provide this government with a mechanism of spending that does not involve direct taxation of the population in order to function. It should also be understood that one of the primary reasons for taxation, particularly income, estate and gift taxes, is to maintain the fiat monetary system. Taxation under a fiat regime has little to do with revenue.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun