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Comment: what is EVEN MORE DISTURBING? The COPTHUGS in the video

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what is EVEN MORE DISTURBING? The COPTHUGS in the video


The shooters in the original white Caravan MAY NOT have been Joe & Jerry Kane at all.

Though if you look at the photo where the dead body of Kane, the Younger is laying, on the shot up Caravan's left side of the bumper, it has similar streak-stain and a rectangular strip sticker on the lower right of the bumper, as the one that was depicted in the "original shootout" video.

You be the judge.

The MSM Version:

The Photos page. NOTE, the caption conveniently state that the Kanes REMOVED the license plate, NOT the cops. No one seems to want to verify.|-first-responders-on-the-scene

EVEN IF that were the case, at the WalMart parking lot, these copTHUGS were RECORDED stating that they'll shoot first, without even verifying who was in the vehicle, or whether the occupants were ordered to surrender first, after which, they proceeded to surround the Kanes' vehicle initially with unmarked cars, then, you can clearly see the Game & Fish's pickup truck heading straight toward the van RAMMING IT.

ANY lawful citizen in their RIGHT MIND, when confronted by crazed lunatics ramming your car with your son in it, charging at you in an unmarked vehicle WHILE shooting, they'd be CRAZY NOT TO take a lawful defensive posture.

so, the CopTHUGS MAY have murdered an INNOCENT Father and son, all in a probable case of mistaken identity.

and SPLC is STILL RUNNING with this UNVERIFIED version of the events.

also, note the difference in the SPLC page photo: the back of the van CLEARLY has a blue Rubbermaid Box with BLUE LID on the van that was shot-up by the copthugs, vs. the blue Rubbermaid Box with WHITE LID in the traffic stop-shooting video.