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Comment: Violence is not necessary since we have already

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Violence is not necessary since we have already

re-inhabited the Republic under the authority of our de jure Constitution c.1791 - 1860.

Through state Republic and County Constitution Settlements, we have been claiming jurisdiction by jurisdiction under Constitutional rule of law based on the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Our Federal District courts are being organized state Republic by state Republic. Our first victory last week by the Arizona Republic Federal District court saved a family from unlawful eviction from their home. Their Grand Jury deemed there was no lawful lien by the bank. A Writ was issued by the state Republic Chief Justice to the Sheriff. The Sheriff honored the writ and pledged protection of the family against the de facto corporation.

It is through the signing of the Declaration of Independence 1776, Declaration of Sovereign Rights held by Indigenous Power, and a Jural Covenant with the Republic of the united States of America that you become free from the corporate impostors.

'Of the people, by the people, and for the people'.

Warning: If you intend violence toward the de facto or any of its members, please do not apply as you will not be welcomed.