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Comment: Yawn

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Right, because the is just going to give up the power they've gained through 100+ years of deceit and outright fraud?

I don't think so. They'll laugh you right out of THEIR courts with THEIR appointed judges.

They've blocked the exits, and they have the populace cornered and are already slapping the chains on the citizenry. The only question is when it's your time to get your chains, will you surrender or fight?

I've made my choice, and I've made peace with my creator. I will not live on my knees and I advise all of you to quit doing the same. Begging for liberty from a tyrant does not, and will not end well.

I'm not advocating violent, far from it. I just know how the top works. And Power ONLY recognizes force. That is the Maxim of law that goes back to the Roman empire.