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Comment: since you're so passionate about your views, I guess we'll be

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since you're so passionate about your views, I guess we'll be

watching you on the 10 o'clock news. then.

Until THAT happens, nothing you say on this particular issue holds ANY seriousness, nor any validity.

Hapexamendios, you seem to be clearly espousing views and intentions that you really don't believe in, deep down. Otherwise, you'd be out there doing "it" already(,2933,512560,00.html), and not bitch at me about what a failure the peaceful option has been, for now.

"Is it because the government knows we're too scared to take up arms?"

It is clear the "we" in your above statement is simply you projecting your own insecurities. No my dear Hapexamendios, it is YOU, who is "too scared."

To get a real sense of what a TRUE warrior is all about, read Sun Tzu's The Art of War, and Yamamoto Tsunetomo's Hagakure(

They're BOTH still required reading at ALL Military Officer schools throughout the world, for a reason. Learn it. Absorb it. Comprehend it. Meditate upon it. Then, apply it.

Only then, should you come back to me and lecture me on what I or anyone else should do. Even then, as I NEVER listen to anyone who is "TELLING" me what to do, it'd be moot. But, a more enlightened approach will become self-evident, once you understand those texts. And, your approach to broaching these topics would reflect that once you "get" it.

So, did my previous comment, the whole "THRESHOLD for the level of 'active' protests, are FAR higher for us, than the European population," PRECISELY BECAUSE America is an OVERWHELMINGLY armed society compared to our European counterparts, we are far more in-tune with the grave consequences of Greece-like street protests especially at the dangerous specter of pouring some 500 MILLION smallarms in private hands in America into the mix, especially when NOT ALL of those gunowners are on OUR side, just fly right over your head??

I can guarantee you, IF you ever really CCW or opencarry, all the time, everyday, you would not be talking about such grave decision and consequences of upholding such lethal responsibility as arming oneself day in and day out, in such a glib, knee-jerk emotive manner, as you've so clearly done here.

"Your comment about changing without violence is a F'ing joke. The founding fathers knew when to take up arms, and instructed us to do the same when and if the time arrives."

So tell me, Hapexamendios, are you just not in the habit of reading? WTH do you think I'm saying with the following? This would have been a clearly justified case of self-defense:

"ANY lawful citizen in their RIGHT MIND, when confronted by crazed lunatics ramming your car with your son in it, charging at you in an unmarked vehicle WHILE shooting, they'd be CRAZY NOT TO take a lawful defensive posture."

EVERYTHING has to be assessed on a case by case scenario.

"So when is it time for you? a 3 year old girl being molested by a TSA goon at the airport?"

Gee Hapexamendios, since I don't know, why don't YOU enlighten me on WHEN it IS a "good time," for YOU?

Answer me.

Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and tell us your real name and then state just exactly WHAT you're going to do to rectify that? Unless you're ready to do that, do us all a favor, STOP inciting B.S.

So, WHY haven't you "done"(,2933,512560,00.html) what you clearly seem to be suggesting here?

You want someone to join you in your merry band, RIGHT NOW, when it is too early? Go ahead! Be THE useful idiot, agent-provocateur, causus belli cannon fodder the NWO globalist degenerate douchebags have just been simply dying to wait for.

Go ahead. Make THEM happy, why don't you?

You want to rack your slide, and go Rambo?
THAT is SOLELY YOUR DECISION. NO ONE is suggesting that here. Least of all, me, myself, and I.

EVERYONE has their own INDIVIDUAL "line in the sand."

No offense, but offense, only an IMBECILE, or a Gvt CONINTEL neoKUNT is stupid enough to suggest what you're alluding to online, and in print. (,2933,512560,00.html) If that is not clear to you, perhaps you should take your BS elsewhere, buddy.

But, okay. I'll bite. Let us, for the sake of discussion, posit a realistic possibility of what you may be alluding.

AFTERWARD, Then what?

What kind of America do you think we can have, when some 70% of the population still haven't got a clue that the FED.Reserve is a PRIVATE bankster CARTEL set up by the NWO to leverage non-existent wealth to enslave all of us?

Also, while the prevalent knowledge of what "false flag state-sponsored terrorism" is, has indeed BEGUN to enter the popular lexicon, however, the sobering reality of its history, is NOT UBIQUITOUS to the Mass Populace at-large, yet. Most of American sheeple populace still DELUDE that TWO 100+ and one 47-stories tall building can freefall without slowing down.

THAT, is the reality that we're having to contend with, for now.

You think someone like Alex Jones has been able to inform what little, but growing percentage of the sheeple populace, had he taken your suggestive path?

I mean, really. Ask yourself that.

Do you HONESTLY believe, in your gut, as well as in your noggins, that in a nation that most still moronically cannot discern the difference between a democracy vs. a Constitutional Republic, they will rise to see the validity of your suggestive methods, and join "your side?" (,2933,512560,00.html)


This is PRECISELY the reason why those of us whom are truly awake, OPPOSE a Constitutional Convention(, for the same reason.

What good is all this proposed "change," when the citizenry's prevailing idea of what the role of a govt ought to be, let alone a society, or community, is a TOXIC one?

Can you imagine what the more populous states like California, Illinois, and NY would do if you give them free reigns at the 2nd Amendment?

THINK, buddy. THINK, it's still legal.

Really, who is being more realistic here?

You, or me and others like me, who would rather first EXHAUST the First Amendment option to the fullest extent possible?

Or YOU, keep oiling your limited supply of slide oil, and count your diminishing supply of brass? Once you run out that, then what?

Can you honestly say that you and your group of limited people within your own circle can honestly provide, lead, or even INSPIRE the rest of American sheeple populace to a more peaceful Constitutioanlly aware society? Can you?

You've certainly FAILED to inspire me, with your lack of communicative tact.

Do you possess all the knowledge in the world to "REBOOT" a Civilization into a CLEARLY better one than we have now?

Do YOU have the wherewithal to really "RESTORE" a Constitutional Republic?

More simply put, can YOU, Mr.Hapexamendios, honestly "restart" a civilization by yourself? CAN you? I mean, really?

When you CAN answer that with clarity, and communicate it intelligently, UNQUESTIONABLY, then you can talk to me, or the rest of us here, about your "alternative" option.

Because I can guarantee you now, while most of us clearly empathize with WHERE YOUR conclusions maybe arising out of, NOT MANY of us are going to see the marker in which you are suggesting we are at, near the banks of the Rubicon.

"The founding fathers knew when to take up arms, and instructed us to do the same when and if the time arrives."

THAT, I am in 100% agreement with you on. Except, "that time" has NOT arrived yet.


Because, IF you really were paying attention, you'd clearly realize that do we NOT have an UNQUESTIONABLE MORAL AUTHORITY to do so, in the eyes of the public, at least not a CRITICAL-MASS of awakened citizenry, just yet.

Because, at the end of the day, without public support, you're simply yapping sh*t and talking to yourself in the wind, my friend.

So, I will post the following, again: "as the libertarian writer Claire Wolfe has stated so wisely, 'America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.'" Capice?

I hope this all becomes clear to you at some point.

But my guess is that you DO "get" all that already, deep down. You're simply being emotional. So while I feel you, but I AM NOT "WITH" you on this, Brother.

THINK, Hapexamendios. THiNK.