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I think you're preaching to the choir here -

"I'm not advocating violent, far from it. I just know how the top works. And Power ONLY recognizes force. That is the Maxim of law that goes back to the Roman empire."

"I've made my choice, and I've made peace with my creator. I will not live on my knees and I advise all of you to quit doing the same. Begging for liberty from a tyrant does not, and will not end well."

That's nice. Now, let us know, when you can actually lead a proper Revolution where people will learn to RESPECT YOU. While we all get where you're coming from, you haven't inspired any, yet.

It's great that you've decided that for yourself, more power to you. so what the hell is the big whup, if you yourself are not ready to pursue what you seem to be advocating here?

You're talking to your fellow DP forum members here, as if most of us don't "get" the NWO CON?? Yeh, we're excited for you that you're aware. So are we. This is all "news," how?