Comment: I am with you 100%.

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I am with you 100%.

Firstly, as much as I feel compelled to hold each soldier accountable to their 'oaths', they are in effect 'false oaths' b/c if they swear to uphold and defend 'the U.S. Constitution' many of us know it is a 'corporate Constitution' NOT the de jure Constitution that was lawful.

Given the massive dumbing down of the education of our history and law, it is no wonder almost all of them are not 'in their right minds' to discern. With all due respect to each and every soldier. This is not meant to be a put down in any way. It is this that I am outraged about because I have an 18 year old son and I'll be damned if they try to coerce him into their scam.

Therefore, soldiers are truly caught in the worst deception b/c true full disclosure of what they are swearing their allegiance to was never made clear to them re: they are nothing but security guards for the UN and their private banking interests.

I also heard that the oaths were changed in such a way that troops are swearing directly in support of their 'commander in chief, the president', which, if true, is truly egregious.

This is clearly in violation to the original de jure oaths of office and many soldiers may not understand that, and may do as they are told or face court martial.

Therefore, skewing the oaths in this way is truly heinous and murderous not just to the innocent people they violate in those sovereign countries, but once a soldier partakes in any of those heinous orders it is THEY that must forever more be haunted by their deeds they were ordered to do.

It truly takes an extraordinary individual soldier to resist orders or refuse to serve b/c they know they will face court martial in a corporate kangaroo court. Hence, no wonder at the ever escalating suicides by soldiers. Clearly, they find out too late that what they are partaking in is truly evil.

I do NOT support WHAT the troops are made to do because they must take orders, therefore, it would be those who GIVE THE ORDERS from the very top of the chain that I hold absolutely accountable for the highest charge of treason and in contempt of 'the people' b/c they clearly violate all the de jure treaties with other nations, Geneva conventions, Rules of engagement for military purposes, our Declaration of Independence, Constitution/People's Rights!

Grew up with that song you are referring to fishy amongst many other anti war songs from 60's/70's that tried to wake people up and 'think' what they are giving power to.

That is why I have signed my docs with the Republic of the united States of America. I am convinced beyond a doubt that this is the most effective solution to the woes of the people. Because the devils that are giving those orders today are falsely based upon the legal but not lawful 'jurisdiction' that they have esconced their foreign policies without the people knowing what they were in fact doing.