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Magical Jets

I seems to remember something about magical jets, which, despite being made of aluminum and flown at subsonic speeds, would be capable of causing the failure of massive 2.5" thick steel box columns. Not only could these magical jets cause the failure of the steel columns, but the resulting low temperature, oxygen starved fires of their kerosene jet fuel can create progressive pancake collapse by causing structural fatigue in the floor diaphragm and the subsequent unseating of welded steel floor joists.

Oh, wait, the UL showed that there was no significant sag in the floor diaphragm. The mechanics of pancake collapse are not tenable and defy the laws of physics. The videos of the building collapses have all of the tell tale signs of controlled demolition (whether by conventional means, or nuclear could be resolved by better analysis of the remaining samples of dust and debris from ground zero).

I had been very skeptical of the claims put forth by Dimitri Khalezov, with regard to his "testimony" concerning the demolition of the WTC, but the more I look at the evidence, the more I am afraid that he may not be another disinfo plant. One of the most intriguing things that he brought up was prior use of mini-nukes. Look for pictures of the Beiruit marine barracks bombing. See how some have been cropped to eliminate the mushroom cloud?