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I just did. Did you not read the first time?

that "libertarians" and "free market capitalists" are all about freedom, privacy, trade without interference, as long as THEY get to do what they want. When banks or corporations do the same, they want regulation, taxes, and transparency. -BKV

You're claiming hypocrisy on a straw man.

You're generalizing what you think libertarians are, believe, stand for and want and arguing that that strawman is not living up to your expectations. You made a straw man from your own interpretation of libertarianism and think by knocking it down you somehow made a point. That is where you're wrong. Your ensuing arguments are moot.

P.s. I admit calling out your ban from Ron Paul Forums was not fair and I apologize. I don't know what the circumstances of your ban were. You replied before I could change it. However based on what I've read here I can't say I'm surprised to discover you've had problems on other sites.