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No. The perps need to be


The perps need to be able to fail and be at true risk. While the Federal Reserve exists, banks and corporations that function on credit will not be at true risk. To be at true risk a bank, for example, would need to fully risk its own assets when making a loan. This does not happen. What happens is that a bank will make an accounting entry for a loan for the full loan amount against a fractional reserve, in effect creating money from nothing, all made possible by the Federal Reserve. Because they can "loan" money via fractional reserve, they are, at best, operating at fractional risk.

(Please research fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve.)

Asking for a bailout is just adding insult to injury. Banks and corporations already have an orderly termination process to be used when they are unable to pay creditors called bankruptcy. Bailouts are not only unnecessary, but are far more harmful than the legal termination processes, such as bankruptcy.