Comment: F-35 is wasted money

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F-35 is wasted money

From those in the know, the F-35 is not worth the money. Instead of maintaining or streamlining our present defense capabilities, Washington seems adamant on wasting money overseas while our readiness in this country is increasingly marginalized.

I am not sure if you all remember, but a couple of years ago, the F-16s were grounded due to airframe stress issues. These are the aging airplanes, which the F-35 is to replace. Pilots of the F-16 are not impressed with the F-35, but would rather see that we consider upgrading our F-16s to the same thrust and avionics package that we sell to the UAE, the Saudis and Israel.

The price difference between the F-16 block 60 and the F-35 is staggering, while performance is comparable. Everyone but the lobbyists and paid for congress-shills for the F-35 realizes that the F-35 is a massive money hole which decreases actual defense capability in this country.

To get a feel for the pulse of the F-16/F-35 debate check out

Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to cut in the defense budget like bases in 100 countries overseas that could also help increase our preparedness here and reduce the giant budget deficits we face.