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Comment: In prison it's not "in Private".

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In prison it's not "in Private".

In prison it's not "in Private". You're naked standing in line with a bunch of other naked dudes, and the guy in front of you bends over with a baggy hanging out his hole! The guards are not always polite and professional either, although cracking jokes with your fellow guards is probably a bit warranted in this case!

Trust me, I know! lol. True story.

It's not something I realistically see happening at airports any time soon. If we do though, and we as a country sheepishly put up with it to "make certain sacrifices" for security, then we are morally unfit for liberty and deserve our despotism.

I think this backlash against the scanners will produce "something", not sure what yet. I imagine a false flag bomb plot blamed on right winged domestic extremist militia types at an airport would shut down dissent real quick!