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Comment: Boa Constrictor @ "Double Cross" Roads!

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Boa Constrictor @ "Double Cross" Roads!

No money found @ "Cross Roads. Did you mean:

"Double Cross" Roads!?

Federal Reserve Notes
Double Cross
Signed by Two Agents
Sec. of Treasury & Treasurer

The Boa Constrictor, Bac, has constricted homeowners according to today's news accounts. That is what constrictors do. It is in their character.

What must we do, in keeping a Boa Constrictor?

  • It was & is Fed.
  • We print US Federal Reserve Notes for them, 4 cents each @ cost of printing.
  • Their Federal Reserve name above our own to show proper respect.
  • We gift these engraved promissory notes to them.
  • In their gratitude, they buy our Treasury Bonds with our gift.
  • Agents Double Crossed our "Full Faith & Credit."
  • Whether you call them Boa, JP, Citi, or Wells... Goldman or Stanley... collectively, the Fed... or Donner or Blitzen... collectively, the Reindeer...

Don't put a Boa Constrictor in the same cage as Reindeer.

The cage idea has merit.

We need not save mortgages made of your promise to pay. Agents already signed your promise to pay on those afore-mentioned green sheets. Now, you must pay again? with green sheets that represent our National debt? Those same green sheets we gifted them?

[ Boa Constrictor ] "is reaching a peak?"

Absurd! Not a peak at all.

Gully? trench? Abyss?

Such confusion over nothing. Chief has no idea where Boa Constrictor is going. Should we bring Bac the cage idea?

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