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My song......

Don't Touch My Junk!

I was gettin ready for a holiday
I was working too hard and it was time to play
so time to jet off and take me some R&R
So I got my ticket and was ready to fly
Showed em my papers as they looked in my eye
Thought I was all set and ready to go
The guard said we got just one more thang
Would you please walk thru that atomic ring
So we can make sure you aint some terrorist punk
I said I opt out for the radiation
Even though it's for a safer nation
But you can pat me down, but just don't touch my junk!
Don't Touch My Junk!
Don't Touch My Junk!
You can pat me down
And even touch my trunk
But don't touch my Junk!
Don't touch my junk.


Recorded by Jefferson Starfish.