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Thanks for asking

We just pulled the company policy and it appears they don't allow much room for compromise. Some hospitals give you an option to wear a mask. Not this one. They demand the shot unless it is a religious or allergic conflict. Both must bear proof. What is unusual is that they really don't ask for proof you had the shot....perhaps we overlooked something. So the angle now is she will tell them she got the shot from the college she teaches at at night and hope that works. If they demand proof then that opens up a whole other can of worms.

My wife is not as vocal as I am and is usually a voice of reason in the family.

She points out that she could make a very public display, fighting the hospital in a very public arena on principle, risk her job of 11 years of employment, also tarnishing her chances of employment in her field once another hospital finds out why she was terminated....or first try to find a loop hole that can get her by...

She will not take the injection under any circumstance. Hopefully we can appease the warden for now until she can find a way out of this oppressive employment situation.

There are a lot of people lined up for her job right now and it's not easy getting back in once you leave...

I'll keep you all posted.

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