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Comment: Porn Scanners lauched after False Flag operation?

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Porn Scanners lauched after False Flag operation?

The Crotch Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
was a passenger on board Northwest Airlines flight NW253 (an AIRBUS A330-323X, registered N820NW) from Amsterdam to Detroit 25 December 2009.

Allegedly, Jasper Schuringa was the hero of the day and suffered some burns on his hand after putting out the fire in The Crotch Bombers crotch. Here in this somewhat peculiar interview on CNN he tells his story:

There is an exclusive picture shown in that interview, allegedly a picture of the Crotch Bomber when he was arrested. Picture snapped by Jasper Schuringa and was sold to CNN for several thousand dollars.

A huge problem with this CNN story is that the picture is not from inside an AIRBUS, but from an refurbished Boeing 747 on 1st class (scroll down to the pictures of the seats on 1st class):

Evidence exhibit 1: Accused Bomber Abdulmutallab's Underwear:

To me it does look like the underwear was burned less than Jasper Schuringa's hand was. Very odd too.

I am not aware of CNN correcting this false story. The picture shown of the arrest WAS NOT from an AIRBUS but from an Boeing 747.

And there are much more to this story. Media Fakery is important for policy it seams.