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Comment: Our Doc, FIRED UP, nothing better in the world.

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Our Doc, FIRED UP, nothing better in the world.

even the 'liberals' at RAWstory are covering it. Funny, when they can, they NEVER put his name in their headlines anymore, as they used to, BEFORE Rand became a Senator-elect.
"Bill would expose TSA screeners to laws prohibiting sexual assault"

better than nothing. but, oh vey, as usual, check out the idiotic comments. one mook deludes having 'private security' equals one word, "BlackWater." Such is the delusional lunacy of the still L vs.R FalseParadigm-stuck liberals; I'm not sure if ANY of them are aware of the fact that PRIOR to TSA founding in 2001, they were ALL PRIVATE. what can one say, the misinformation train never ceases over there. but, still, it's a welcome trend as the tyranny becomes a visible one, the rest of the sheeple populace are now beginning to have a reason to claim their freedoms back.