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Comment: I love all the angles you can take on this

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I love all the angles you can take on this

Anne Coulter's Racist take has some merit

The fourth Amendment is a great argument. However; the constitution means little to the power elite, which is absolutely the worst travesty (think of all the illegal wire tapping).

The Pilots got a really good case, shouldn't be a requirement to been seen naked or folded daily for your job. Which really got this thing going not too far back.

Now the airlines and airports are sympathetic.

Of course Dr. Paul's cattle analogy is spot on and could be full of cometary on our society. Especially when you consider how many people are in favor of their rights being trample on for security theater.

There are so many good arguments against these intrusions that I think the most compelling arguments will be thrown aside. Why not look at the people that have been able to say "I told ya so" through this whole thing.

Make Your Choice: Empire or TSA Gropers and Porn Scanners
by Jacob G. Hornberger

The forewarning from Chalmers Johnson’s prescient book Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire