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Ron Paul was fired up, in this speech.

I have spent the last day at AboveTopSecret blogging about this on a post creaated by phaedrus.

The folks at AboveTopSecret have been especially receptive to Dr. Paul's message, and I have worked to re-enforce the finer points.

But the point is, that a site like AboveTopSecret has people from all walks of life, and all manners of political persuasion, and the majority seem to think that Ron Paul is the freakin Man!

It does no good for me to tell the people of the daily paul that Dr. Paul is the man, because we all know that.

What we need to do, is to go out into the world and let other people know.

Now, the folks at abovetopsecret may be looked down upon by the MSM because of the nature of the topics discussed, but quite surprisingly, the site gets way more traffic than you could imagine, in fact it made some sort of milestone recently in relation to all the sites on the planet.

So, if there are other sites like abovetopsecret, that get a lot of traffic, then that is where supporters of Dr. Paul should focus on to recruit new liberty minded individuals.

But in doing so, you have to be respectful of the opinion of others.

You have to remember, that other web sites, have many members that are not as dedicated as the dailypaul members are to Dr. Paul's message.

You have to listen, and offer your respectful opinion.

But let me tell you, we are gaining ground.