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Comment: I'm glad you're with us jetmba; but I also

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I'm glad you're with us jetmba; but I also

think too much has been made of intelligence that is unmoored to ethics and sound philosophical principles.

Some very smart guys helped the government create the Atom bomb and the other WMDs, the drones, the math-based centralized economic plans, the complex of sciences that mass produce questionable vaccines and a plethora of other dubious chemicals that our populace is laced with to the detriment, IMO, of their health, to the scientists complicit with government plans to "engineer" global cooling, warming, stop change, whatever, plus the very smart guys at Goldman Sachs and other robber corporations using their wits for theft and fraud.

Not enough credit is give for moral integrity and plain common sense that the average person may have far exceeding the degree-laden experts that advise august government bodies.

Ron Paul is sharper than most; but the key to his astonishing statesmanship is not just his intelligent erudition, but his honesty and dedication to the principles of freedom and peace. He never wavers in his crystalline clarity of ethical principles.