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GREAT primer, Freeman!

the NUMBER ONE misunderstanding when discussing these issues, is the proper Cause vs. Effect relationship.

Unless one really questions the CORE philosophical basis of where one is coming from, and how one is intending on solving these problems, NONE of this matters.

And, to properly do that, understanding the reality of just SOME of the following issues, is a MUST.

1. What exactly SHOULD the Role of Govt be?

THAT MUST be answered first.

Dr. Ron Paul, @GoogleTalks:

Dr. Ron Paul on the PROPER Role of Govt, CSPAN interview during 1988 Pres.Campaign:

Dr. Ron Paul 1988 Campaign Speech:

Dr. Ron Paul on the REAL Power Structure in USA:

Why 1988 videos? Because Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul has had PRINCIPLED CONSISTENCY, borne of intense personal and intellectual reflection:
"Dr. Consistency: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Views"

"Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the TRUTH"

From a traditionally "progressive" perspective, PBS' Bill Moyers Journal maybe more easily palatable primer into Dr. Paul's views:

IF you value your own life, the fruits of your labor, and how EVERY SINGLE form of govt throughout history has THREATENED that reality, the following is a MUST viewing:

"Philosophy of Liberty"

2. Understand the current PRIVATE Federal Reserve FIAT monetary system.

From its Jekyll Island, GA origins, founded as a PRIVATE Banking Cartel:

The FACT that its very origins used to be relegated to, and RIDICULED as "conspiracy theorist talk," now ARROGANTLY coming out in the open, alone speaks VOLUMES:

From the Horse's own mouth; the Federal Reserve, Atlanta Branch's OFFICIAL WEBSITE PROUDLY, PUBLICLY announcing it:

For those who find the name to be overly ridiculous? Oh yes, Virginia, it's a REAL place, a name only fitting for Bankster CRIMINALS:

How the very fact that it is a PRIVATE CARTEL influences EVERY SINGLE decision made by govt, under the current corporatist sys.

WHY it is that under such construct a Welfare system CANNOT EXIST without its necessary opposite, the WARFARE system.

WHY it is that your very RIGHTS are threatened under the fiat monetary system:
"A Dire Warning from Dr. Ron Paul"

WHY it is that under such system, ALL activities inevitably fall under a CORPORATIST paradigm, no matter how big from the Military Industrial Complex, to the small, or independent, for example, one believes even his/her own small online CafePress store business might be.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute's most prominent scholars on the Federal Reserve:

"Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve"

"Murray N. Rothbard - The Founding of the Federal Reserve"

For a 'deeper down the rabbit hole' REALITY about the ORIGINS of Federal Reserve and the Income Tax, please watch Aaron Russo's 'America, From Freedom to Fascism:'

Squeamish about that coming from a libertarian/Constitutionalist/PaleoConservative/Old Right/Classical Liberal/anarcho-capitalist perspective?? Then, I would HIGHLY recommend a 'liberal's perspective' on origins of money and corporate charter system:

Douglas Rushkoff (

THIS is EXACTLY how a single dollar is created: Peter Joseph's "ZeitGeist, Addendum"

CAVEAT EMPTOR: I personally DO NOT recommend ZeitGeist author Peter Joseph's proposed solution of centrally planned, technocrat class-run PRISON SYSTEMS euphemistically called the Venus Project. IT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING an INDEPENDENT, SOVEREIGN Being SHOULD be FOR.

However, the first third or so, of the documentary PRECISELY, and SIMPLY illustrates the DANGERS of the current fiat monetary system. It is simply one of the BEST primers on the subject matter.

ALL of the reasons WHY we MUST END the FED!

3. ADMIT the INHERENT FAILURES of ANY Central Planning.

WHY govt "solutions," ESPECIALLY regarding social issues, are ALWAYS WRONG, and amounts to 'Tyranny of Good Intentions'

PURELY REALISTICALLY SPEAKING, HOW does one intend to solve all the social ills you've listed above using govt, when most 'liberals' intuitively understand that almost EVERYONE in CONgress (ALL EXCEPT the Pauls that is), is a Wall St.'s sycophantic WHORE in one capacity or another, yet continually mistake that only getting the "right" people will solve things. When in fact, the very nature of a collectivist combine like a govt, is precisely DESIGNED to attract such pliable, corruptible low lives in the first place?

First, one has to ADMIT the FACT that NOT a SINGLE person, or even a group of 'really smart' people can solve problems for ALL 300+ MILLION people. PERIOD.

ONLY an individual really knows, what really is BEST for him/herself and his/her loved ones.

WHEN the Fed.govt makes a mistake, it makes it for ALL 300+ Million Americans. Thus, the more complicated an issue, the more LOCAL the solution must be.

Besides, WHO THE HELL SAID respective 50 states could NOT have an individual solution that suits them, only?

I would rather live in one of dynamic 50 states all different and distinct in their character, outside the purview of what is commonly agreed upon in the Constitution, than have one ginormous monotony parading around as 50 different, distinct entities.

I would rather, we still have "THESE United States of America," than "THIS United States of America."

When you have a pie, Wash. D.C., that EVERYONE wants to gravitate to, IT BECOMES INHERENTLY CORRUPT, and always will be.

Thus, the more DE-centralized everything is, the better.

Plus, psychologically speaking, the only type of people who want jobs that "can let them" tell someone else what to do, it inevitably attracts socio-paths, psychos, control freaks, fraudsters/hustlers/charlatans, and murderers:

4. There are ONLY THREE tools available to ANY govt., IF they want to get anyone to do anything: BRIBE, SHOOT GUNS/MURDER, or SUE.

Either way you look at it, the govt's preferred method of "enforcing" their "dictates" is either a SWAT raid, or a LAWSUIT. You pick.


They are all instruments of FORCE. Those are the ONLY tools that ANY govt has at its disposal, IF they want to "enforce" what they want.

EVERYTHING that a govt seeks to do is by DEFINITION a Social Engineering.

Thus, EVEN IF one wanted to get rid of poverty, help the poor, one CANNOT do that without resorting to any of those ONLY three options that is available for govt to use.

And, since the Govt does not produce anything other than to dictate a medium of exchange, aka currency, it has to TAKE them from the productive segment of the population, and by FORCE, RE-DISTRIBUTE it to those that ARE NOT. And, that includes a someone on welfare, equally to the Military Industrial Complex.

ANY "subsidy" is wealth STOLEN from one person, and FORCEFULLY redistributed to another.

5. Understanding the difference between "Money" vs. "Currency."

What we have today, under the PRIVATE fiat monetary PONZI SCHEME called the Federal Reserve Notes, is NOT "money."

"Currency" is a medium of exchange.

"currency are money in the sense that both are acceptable as a means of exchange, but money need not necessarily be currency."

Kinda like how a square may be defined as a rectangle, but rectangle can NEVER be considered a square:

Also "legal tender" is CATEGORY in which where both "money" and "currency" fall under. But, it itself is NOT money or currency; it is a MEDIUM of payment:


Article I, Section 10, Clause 1:

"No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;"

Dr. Ron Paul on LAWFUL Money vs. legal tender:

6. The Constitution FOR the Unites States of America is an EXPLICIT document, NOT an IMPLICIT document.

The Federal Gvt is ONLY ALLOWED TO DO 18 SPECIFIC, LIMITED, ENUMERATED acts, listed under Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution:

Thus, ANY "program" they seek to institute, OUTSIDE the purview of the 18 EXPLICITLY ENUMERATED, LIMITED roles codified in the Constitution is UNLAWFUL, and ILLEGAL.

If we do as what charlatans in BOTH parties have done for the last 100+ yrs, we might as well have NO Constitution at all; if they can decide to go beyond those enumerated powers, what's the point of having THE ONLY 'social contract' all Americans supposedly 'agree' to live under, IF nobody follows it, and move the goalpost, whenever the prevailing political majority feels like it?

Thus, IN FACT EVERYTHING the gvt does outside of those powers granted under those specifically enumerated roles, as it is not a one-on-one direct, voluntary, and MUTUALLY agreed upon contract, they're not CONTRACTS at all.

7. The Nature of, TYPE of Governments.

The very term "Federal" in Federal Gvt. originates from the Latin term "foedus," which means a contract, a covenant, a compact, or an agreement:

So then, who is this "contract" between? The respective State Governments.

As, We the PEOPLE created State Govts., and State Govts. CREATED the Fed.Gvt, THEY ARE ALL OUR SERVANTS. NOT the other way around.

Thus in fact, IF we are to be STRICTLY Constitutional, the Federal Gvt. is SUPPOSED to be SUBSERVIENT to EACH respective State Gvt.

In fact, until the early 1900's the ONLY time that each American had any real direct contact with the Federal Gvt in any significant capacity, was via the Post Office. PERIOD.

Thus from the get go, America was DESIGNED to be a DE-CENTRALIZED group of smaller individual REPUBLICS.

In fact, there is NOT ONE mention of a "national" govt in the Constitution.


Article IV, Section 4:

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence."

So, we have FIFTY SEPARATE REPUBLICS. NOT a "democracy." And, there is a HUGE difference between a Republic, and a "democracy."

IN FACT, the Founders LOATHED the concept. Thomas Jefferson stated, "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

8. The MYTH, of the "necessity" of govt actions.

THE biggest MIS-understanding that many Americans have is, without a strong central govt, there will be chaos.

Well, that's like saying people are incapable of agreeing to something, or DO ANYTHING, IF a govt does NOT mandate it.

Humans ROUTINELY spontaneously organize to do things that benefit each other all the time. It isn't as if GOVT itself is an entity animated without a human playing its role.

In closing, the above are but a mere primer. Like all things in life, unless one sees an overwhelming need to change something, or find a deep internal impetus to see things in another way, the change will be only temporary.

I hope these ideas, at the least, challenge you to see things in another way.

Welcome to the Journey, my friend.)