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A better question is why do

A better question is why do believe that I do not have a right to privacy? You have the burden of proof backwards. So long as I respect the rights of others I am free to live and conduct my business as I choose.

My life and my business are my property. When one takes my property without my permission, that is theft. Violating my privacy is theft, and theft is a violation of my rights.

Again, I tried to explain the Constitution to you. . . The Constitution does not need to have a protection of a right to privacy, it is something we the people already have and simply need to defend if we value it. An example would be the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights does not grant rights to people, people already have the rights, it simply makes some rights that are commonly violated by Government, explicitly clear to Government workers so they better understand their Fiduciary Duties. Why do you think leadership roles in Government include an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution?

If you still do not understand why it is not necessary for the right of privacy to be enumerated in the Constitution, then please consider reading the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers regarding issues of this kind. You might want to start with Federalist No. 84.