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First off, I never said that

First off, I never said that silver that I would be buying silver 1 1/2 year ago for $2 ounce. I said 1 1/2 year ago that I would not buy silver until it was $2 ounce.

Second, I've rethought buying of metals. I tried eating some silver and gold. It tasted horrible, I was unable to even chew it, and it was 100% non digestable.

I'm now buying large amounts of food, really cheap. Basics, not that overpriced "survival" food. Wheat and corn for $30 per 100 lbs, dried beans, meats, sugar, rice, ect. When all those who've bought all this silver and gold begin to get hungry, I'm sure I'll be able to buy silver CHEAPER than $2 ounce.

Those who have silver: 5 lbs. flour for one ounce
Those who have not: 5 lbs of flour to help you out

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