Comment: The unofficial "House Rules"

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The unofficial "House Rules"

These are not Nystrom's guidelines, these are my hints...
1. If you find anything at sorcha faal, get the pertinent link and do NOT mention that you found it at whatdoesitmean. It does not matter what the article says, who it is by, or how 100% accurate the information is, no one will read it. They will flame you for going there.
2. If you have had any personal life experiences you wish to share, please put them in the form of a fairy tale, or pretend it was someone else. If you reveal any part of you that is personal, you will have an entire storm of people who want to fix you, judge you, tell you to shut up... but no one will pay any attention to whatever point you may have been trying to make. Folks just can't do the "personal connection" so just phrase it all like it happened to someone else, and then you can tell your stories.
3. Forget humor or art unless they are professional quality and have no hint of anything that might offend the delicate sensibilities.
4. Prepare for the strangest blend of individualists trying to make you conform to the ideal collective of individuals you ever did see. Keep your neck limber, your head WILL spin.
5. If you have not learned to due your own research, LEARN NOW. Do not ask stupid questions when there is a search engine right there at your fingertips. "Prove it" is for whankers - prove it to yourself.
6. If you think of this as the bar at the end of the Universe, it helps. We all know that we are about to watch the train wreck. We are not pleased about it, we tried damned hard to stop it. We have not given up, but we have started drinking...

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.