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Ron Paul understands how the

Ron Paul understands how the Constitution and rights work.

How so? So why does he say there is no right to privacy in the Constitution?

Unless either
a) he believes therefore we have no right to privacy
b) we do have a right to privacy, regardless of the Constitution (making his point moot)

What's his problem with sodomy laws and why are they "ridiculous as may be"

The Constitution is not a source of rights at all.
What then is your source of rights and who are you to force others to accept and recognize it?

You are looking for a document to grant you rights or freedom.
I'm not, which is why I'm not the idiot who says "there is no right to X in the Constitution", since I don't believe ANY document gives rights. What are the list of rights you have and what is the source? Why should anybody recognize the rights which you cannot prove you have?